Opportunity Monitor Positions Available


Welcome to the Newest Marketing Strategy endorsed by WYNNOW. We've created this position by recognizing the inefficiency and ineffectiveness of outdated marketing companies and systems. We want our local peers to benefit from the money that would otherwise be invested in old traditional marketing strategies.

Finding Leads

Identify possible job opportunities in your local market by monitoring social media platforms, job post sites and any other avenue that could generate potential leads


Introduce yourself, our company, vision and benefits of going with us as opposed to someone else, then offer our services to the requesting individual


Onboard the new member and assist them in setting up their account and the requested appointment


Step 1
Inorder to participate in this program you need to first sign up with us. Please find the sign up link here.

Step 2
If you are already registered member please sign in and go to you Profile -> Referral Program section to get your referral link .

Step 3
You can share this referral link to the requesting individuals or friends or relatives through social media or any platform. You can track all the new registered members through your referral link under your Profile -> Referral Program page. link here .

Step 4
Once the member place their first booking and as soon as the invoice is generated for the booking, you can monitor your earnings under your Profile -> Referral Program page.