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WYNNOW by Michael Holte

Hello Blog World, my name is Michael Holte and I am the creator of Wynnow (as if such a bold claim is even possible). Wynnow is the culmination of countless experiences over the years and has taken many hours, experiences and people to get to where we are today.

I have been involved in the construction industry for the better part of my years with my early working memories skipping school and helping my uncle wire restaurants for sound when I was about 12 (sorry Mom). After high school, I initially studied computer programming but switched my major to business. I later thought this was a stupid move but now I see maybe not so much. Over the years I was involved in numerous ventures and jobs but after being unexpectedly fired from my job with an HVAC company I decided to start my own business. Of course, that sounds good, right? How hard could it be? I’ll make my own hours, take off whenever I want, be rich in what, probably like a month right?? Haha YEA RIGHT!! The truth is the first few years are TOUGH!! ( and honestly so are the rest) There wasn’t much money coming in and I didn’t have a lot of customers so it was hard to pay the bills and market myself. It was extremely difficult all around and I really didn’t know what I was doing. 

I had no guidebook, no instructions, and no idea! All I had was a drive for success and an old van I bought by borrowing $1200 from my Grandmom (Thanks Gram) That gesture meant so much more than it seemed at the time, It was showing that she believed in me! I now realize that by her lending me that money I gained the encouragement and drive needed to move forward! I still had to work off and on for other companies the first few years while developing a solid customer base for Assured Mechanical (My HVAC company which at the time of naming was still important to start with an A so we would be at the top of the phone book). But then by a course of events, some would say was less than ideal I was forced into full-time self-employment and havenʼt looked back since. However, you can get chewed up and spit out and booed off the stage “for all my Eminem fans” real quick if youʼre not careful in the big box world.But every time I hit a pitfall I recorded it, every time I wanted to quit I recorded it, every time I “wasted money” on something (which I donʼt really believe to be a waste just a really expensive lesson in what doesnʼt work) I took a mental note and over the years Iʼve said to myself “ there must be a better way” countless times. 

From scheduling, marketing, billing, time management, employees, vehicles, insurance and so on it’s a lot for one person to handle. One day while I was dealing with multiple stressors I realized (because of my background in programming) that thru modern technology we can make these daily tasks much more efficient..so I’ve been developing systems to make my heating and air conditioning company self-sufficient and have shifted gears focusing on developing that better way. I, like so many others, was tired of the old, inefficient, tiresome, and very expensive way. All my growing pains, as I’ve heard them called, have forced me to think about how to make it better. How can we simplify billing, have quicker response times, and assure member satisfaction while still having enough time for the more important things? 

In October 2016 My wife and I welcomed our First Daughter into this world 2 months early. The first month consisted of daily visits to the NICU and the next couple of months, after we were able to bring her home, consisted of slacking off a bit and being home more than at work. But then, once everything was under control and settled down a bit, I did alot of thinking about my growing family and really kicked it back into high gear.. It was now more important than ever to systemize these daunting business tasks. Our second Daughter joined us in May 2018 and it’s been full steam ahead!! My beautiful wife, two amazing daughters, and a couple businesses later it’s certainly clear now that there is no time to waste! As I figured out how other service providers who have felt the same pains as I, could benefit from this concept, many ideas and technologies came to mind. Most of them have been implemented and now we can all work together to make our industry more efficient than ever! Homeowners and Contractors are both tired of the other current inefficient and deceitful service provider search trends condoned and benefited from by lead generation companies only. But why we’re better is another topic. Quick and Reliable Service for our Customers and a balance of time and money for our providers. That’s what it’s about, and now it has happened! All of this has brought us here, to NOW! The creation of WYNNow. 

Wynnow is our location-based service platform that my team and I have been actively developing for the last few years and 20 before that if you count the trials..Wynnow is everything I wish I had starting and managing my business in one easy-to-use platform monitored by our team to ensure quality and efficiency for our members. Efficiency and Reliability are the keys!! Our platform monitors our service providers and service request locations in real-time so we know whoʼs qualified, close and available when you’re in need of a service. For your renovation projects, our customer solutions teams are well versed in each of their areas of expertise. Whether it be a kitchen or bathroom remodel, a new heating and air conditioning system, or a new roof, when you call us to handle your next renovation you will have one point of contact so you can do so with peace of mind, knowing it will be done right, by qualified providers, which we work with closely. 

We are changing the way business is done in the service and renovation industry and are more than excited to see what the future brings! Joining our platform is always free and our pricing for service is upfront so there are no surprises. As previously stated efficiency is what itʼs all about. Less time wasted by our busy homeowners, landlords, property managers, and contractors equals an infinite amount of valuable time saved by all. This results in the best possible customer experience and happy contractors who want to continue working with our team. Oh and one more very important thing! We never sell our customers info like those other guys. Your information is for our team only so we can give you the best service possible. So Join US and get What You Need NOW!!

Michael Holte

Wynnow Founder and CEO

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